"A dream you dream together is reality."

I'm Katie, but some people call me Kate, and boy, I absolutely love what I do. I spend many hours each week documenting people, and I'm honored to share so many of these special moments with my clients.

Photography is a huge part of my life. I'm deeply passionate about connecting with people and artistically documenting their true emotions. I pour my heart and soul into my art, so it makes sense that it truly does define me, but I'll try to put that aside and share a little bit more about who I am.

I enjoy small and intimate dinner parties with friends and family, and getting lost in deep, meaningful conversations. Family means everything to me, and I'm blessed to have the people I do in my life. I have a cat named Thaddeus. I take him for leisure walks on a leash, and for some odd reason the neighbors look the other way and try not to make eye contact. I'm sarcastic but always in a lighthearted way. Traveling makes my heart happy, especially when I'm accompanied by my other half, Mike. I hope to travel the Pacific Northwest someday, and to one day explore the beautiful landscape of Iceland. I have a hard time choosing between wine and a good craft beer, but if you offer me gin, well, gin takes the cake (Hendrick's all the way!). If I could eat one thing every day it would be nachos (with extra jalapenos). I'm addicted to spicy food.

I want your photography to be beautiful and engaging. If you're a person who values documentary style photography, who will allow yourself to be vulnerable and show me who you are, then I know we'll be a splendid match. Please take a few moments to look around my site, view my portfolio work, and reach out when you're ready to start planning your photography adventure.

I thrive on personally connecting with clients and photographing something new, especially when challenged by unique architecture or natural landscapes. I enjoy anything from a small, backyard wedding where a couple is surrounded by their closest family members and friends, to a more modern, city wedding in Milwaukee with an upbeat vibe. From breathtaking landscapes to vast city skylines I'm inspired by it all.

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